Our Bakery has grown in size and production since 1958, however our aims and aspirations of creating fresh and great tasting produce still remains the same as when Malcolm, the founder of the bakery, made his first batch of loaves. The bakery strives to invest and use the best machinery on the market. Since day one Malcolm has always prided himself on providing good quality products throughout the Yorkshire Region.

what we are.

We are a family run bakery in the heart of Yorkshire, Saltaire. Hughes Family Bakers is a proud member of the Craft Bakers Association (CBA) and we are registered with Safe And Local Supplier Approval (SALSA) and ensuring we meet these standards is a main priority within our bakery. We strive to ensure that every item we bake is done to the highest standards. At Hughes Family Bakers we pride ourselves on our work ethic and traditional yet innovative baking.

what we bake.

From the mixing of the ingredients to the baking of our products, craft and dedication play a vital part within our business. We use traditional methods within a modern bakery to provide great tasting products. We never rush a process and we pride our business on “quality without compromise” allowing our breads to rest and our delicious cream cakes to be baked by eye and finished by hand.

Hughes Family Bakers Hirst Lane, Shipley BD18 4NQ  Telephone: 01274 588640 sales@hughes-family-bakers.co.uk
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